• 07 Jun 2024
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    Article summary

    Full-Color_API-60Wasabi API guides provide the information you need to work with our APIs. Each guide explains what is possible with the API, and how to get started.

    The following references are provided to help you get started and then delve deeper into Wasabi APIs.

    Wasabi S3 API Reference

    Wasabi’s object storage service is built to be 100% bit-compatible with the Amazon Web Services’ Simple Storage Service (AWS S3) and Identity and Access Management (AWS IAM) APIs.

    • REST API introduction
    • Operations on buckets
    • Operations on objects
    • IAM and STS support
    • Compatible libraries and applications

    WACA: Wasabi Account Control API Reference

    Wasabi Account Control API (WACA) is a set of RESTful JSON methods that are a companion set of endpoints to the AWS IAM/S3 compatible endpoints.

    • Features
    • API methods
    • FAQs

    WACM Connect API Reference

    WACM Connect API is a set of RESTful JSON methods that allow WACM users to query against customer utilization, bucket, and invoice data. 

    • Utilization metrics
    • Endpoints

    Wasabi AiR API Reference

    Wasabi AiR harvests content from storage, extracting metadata and making it available using various APIs. This reference contains the a.

    • Details of the APIs you need to control Wasabi AiR and access the data
    • API key descriptions
    • Error handling information