Logging Settings: Setting Administrative Activity and Compliance Bucket Logging
    • 04 Jun 2024
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    Logging Settings: Setting Administrative Activity and Compliance Bucket Logging

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    Article summary

    Logging settings include two features:

    • Administrative activity logging. You can manually download pre-existing administrative activity logs as a file.
    • Compliance bucket logging. You can permanently enable access to the Compliance Bucket Logging confirmation option, which creates comprehensive text logs in a format that meets compliance needs.

    To access these features:

    1. Click Settings on the Wasabi menu. Or, open the account sign-in drop-down and click Settings.
    2. Open the Logging Settings drop-down.

    Setting Administrative Activity Logging

    Enabling this feature ensures that all future administrative activity logs are retained.

    1. To enable administrative activity logging, be sure the option is checked and the Save to Bucket toggle is enabled:
    2. Click in the Target Bucket box and select the bucket into which the logs will be place. Only bucket that have Object Lock enabled and Compliance Mode configured (in bucket Settings) are available as target buckets. You can search for a bucket name in the Search box (such as if a long list of bucket names is displayed). After selecting (highlighting) a bucket name, click Select.

    3. Click in the Logging Prefix box and enter a prefix for the log files. For example:

    4. Click Save Settings.

    Setting Compliance Bucket Logging

    When you enable the Compliance Bucket Logging configuration, this option will appear within the Bucket Logging feature (in bucket Settings) for users across the account.

    1. To enable compliance bucket logging, be sure the option is checked.

    2. A message asks if you are sure you want to permanently enable this option. Type "permanently enable" in the response box. Then, click Enable.

    3. Click Save Settings. Once you do so, you cannot disable this setting.