Compliance Logging
    • 03 Nov 2023
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    Compliance Logging

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    Downloading Administrative Logs

    You can download administrative activity logs as a CSV file for a specific date range (within a maximum of 90 days).

    1. Click Settings on the Wasabi menu. Or, open the account sign-in drop-down and click Settings.
    2. Open the Compliance Logging drop-down.
    3. To enable administrative activity logging, slide the toggle to(if it is not already enabled).

    4. Click Confirm.
    5. Scroll to the bottom of the Setting panel until you see the Administrative Logs area.
    6. Enter the start and end dates for the range during which you want to collect administrative information.
    7. In the Logs area, click the drop-down and select the type of log information to collect. If you want more than one type, select All activity:
      • Log-in attempts
      • Password change attempts
      • Permission changes
      • Audit log retrievals
      • All activity
    8. Click Download CSV.

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