• 12 Feb 2024
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    WA_symbol Wasabi Academy documentation includes getting started and product guides, providing product feature details with instructions for new and experienced users.

    What's in Wasabi Academy?

    The layout of Wasabi Academy documentation is provided in the navigation column on the left of your screen (or, on a mobile device, tap "Contents" toward the top right). A summary is listed in the Organization below.
    When a page has multiple topics, a table of contents appears in the top right.

    Additional features of a Wasabi Academy page enable you to:

    Go to wasabi.com.
    Sign in to your Wasabi account.
    Contact Wasabi Support.
    Go to Wasabi Academy "Home."
     Search for a topic in Wasabi Academy.
    Follow breadcrumbs for this page.
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    You may see information in highlighted boxes:

    Notes provide additional information.
    Cautions or warnings are in bold.
    Code is separated from other text.


    The core Wasabi Academy documentation lists:

    Getting started and product guides are provided for:

    • Wasabi Cloud Storage—Experience Wasabi's infinitely affordable and predictably priced cloud object storage. There are no complex tiers and no fees for egress or API calls.
    • WACM: Wasabi Account Control Manager—Automate management of multiple Wasabi accounts with an easy-to-use interface.
    • API Guides—Get the information you need to work with our APIs. Each guide explains what is possible with the API, and how to get started.
    • WCN: Wasabi Cloud NAS—Connect your unstructured data and file storage environment to Wasabi object storage.
    • WSC: Wasabi Surveillance Cloud—Instantly extend the capacity of your on-premises surveillance video management system (VMS).
    • Wasabi Ball Transfer Appliance—Transfer up to 250 TB per appliance to Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage.

    And, additional information includes:

    Technical Support

    The Wasabi website has the latest product information, including tools to review system status, download software updates, and review support plans. Use this email address to contact a Wasabi Customer Support representative: support@wasabi.com


    Information is subject to change without notice. Companies, names, and data used in examples herein are fictitious unless otherwise noted. No part of this guide may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by means electronic or mechanical, for any purpose, without express written permission of Wasabi Technologies.

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