Getting Started with Wasabi Account Control Manager (WACM) and Custom Cloud Console (CCC)
    • 10 Jun 2024
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    Getting Started with Wasabi Account Control Manager (WACM) and Custom Cloud Console (CCC)

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    Wasabi Account Control Manager and Custom Cloud Console

    Wasabi's Account Control Manager (WACM) allows you to automate cloud storage account creation, management, and end-user billing with an easy-to-use centralized management interface. 

    Custom Cloud Console (CCC) is a WACM feature that allows you to create sub-accounts used to access and manage Wasabi storage. You can customize the interface with your company's name, logo, and color scheme for a fully branded experience for your end customers. CCC customization is managed by the Wasabi Product Team. During onboarding, you will provide your logo and color scheme to use for your CCC. Colors can be modified by contacting

    The following getting started guides are provided:

    Full-Color_Document WACM Getting Started

    Full-Color_Document Custom Cloud Console (CCC) Getting Started

    WACM Account Types

    The WACM account types are listed here. For more detailed information on understanding the hierarchy of WACM accounts and accessing Wasabi products, refer to WACM Accounts and Glossary.

    Control Account

    A control account is a Wasabi partner account that manages channel accounts and/or sub-accounts. It is a contract with Wasabi for a single product and a single payment method. Wasabi Account Governance (AG) is used to manage multiple control accounts.

    Channel Account

    A channel account is a single account with one or more sub-accounts. It is attached to a single control account and enables only the provisioning of sub-accounts. (Note that all sub-account usage rolls up to the parent control account.)


    A sub-account is an individually provisioned Wasabi storage account.

    Standalone Account

    A standalone account is contracted directly with Wasabi, not through WACM.