Installing WSC for Milestone XProtect
  • 02 Jun 2023
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Installing WSC for Milestone XProtect

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Article Summary

If you are NOT a Milestone XProtect users, follow the instructions in Installing WSC.

Installing WSC for Milestone XProtect involves four basic steps, as described below:

  • Preparing for installation
  • Setting up the cloud bucket(s)
  • Installing the WSC plug-ins
  • Activating your license

Preparing for Installation

  1. Connect and configure your Recording storage and Archive (optional) according to Milestone’s guidelines.
    WSC operates directly on your Recording storage. When using DR, this gives you the best possible recovery. If you require that your Milestone Recording Server be configured with an Archive, you can use WSC for either the Recording storage or the Archive, or for both of them.
  2. IMPORTANT: Under Storage and Recording Settings in the Management Client, set the Retention time according to how much TOTAL camera data you want to keep on your volume(s). This setting is global and determines when data will be deleted locally and in the cloud:

    — The retention time should cover local AND cloud data.

    — The size should cover local AND cloud data (don’t worry if your volume is much smaller as it will extend into the cloud).

    For example, if you set a 90-day retention time, regardless of where the data actually is, Milestone XProtect will delete it. As Milestone XProtect deletes the local files, WSC will then delete the associated data in the cloud. You choose how much data stays on the local drive vs. nearline (hot) cloud storage using WSC.

    — If you need to decommission an Archive volume without losing data, you will need to:

    First make sure the retention time on the Recording storage is at least as long as the current Archive volume.

    Until a full Archive period has been met, some of the archive data will continue to come from the current Archive.

    Once passed a full archive period, the Archive volume can be decommissioned as all latest “archive” data is now coming from the cloud.

Estimating Required Internet Speed

To quickly estimate your required internet speed, you can use the “1/5 rule of thumb.” If you know the average bitrate of all your cameras, multiply total recording bitrate x 1.5 (allows for readback and fluctuations).

EXAMPLE: 173 Mbps x 1.5 = ~250 Mbps

If you know the current storage requirements for a given retention period, multiply #GB / #days x .15

EXAMPLE: 350 GB per day = 350 x.15 = ~50Mbps
100TB per month = 100 x1024 x.15 ÷ 30 = ~500 Mbps

Setting Up the Cloud Bucket(s)

Log in to your Wasabi Cloud account and create separate buckets to be associated with each recording server and volumes.

If you have a recording server with only a Recording volume (no Archive volume) the same bucket is used for storing a single copy of all data and is used for both Disaster Recovery (DR) and Extension. DR contains all camera data, plus XML and index files needed to recreate the Milestone XProtect database. Extension only requires a subset, that is, the camera data. If you have more than one volume configured on your recording server, each volume will require its own bucket.

Installing the WSC Plug-Ins

WSC can be installed on a live Windows server. It does not require a reboot and there is no need to stop your VMS software from recording.

  1. Make sure your recording server is fully configured and able to record prior to installing WSC.
    Your recording server can be recording live camera data while installing WSC (it won’t affect operations).
  2. Close the Milestone XProtect Management Client application.

    In the remaining steps, you will install WSC. Note that the installer contains four software components:

    — Management Client (for configuration – must be installed)
    — Smart Client (for data visualization and movement – optional)
    — Event Server
    — Recording Server (all the cool technology – must be installed)

    It is possible to install these components on ONE or SEPARATE machines. Just select/deselect the appropriate option(s).

  3. Sign up for a WSC 30-day 1 TB free trial account at
  4. Enter the necessary information on the Sign Up page. Then, click Get Started.

  5. A message will tell you to check your email:

    You will receive an email to complete the setup of your storage account. For example:

    Click the Create Account button in the email to be redirected to a page where you will set a password for your Wasabi Console access.

  6. Configure the password and click Sign in.
  7. Click the Continue your trial button.
  8. You will be redirected to a page where you can download the WSC software.

    Download the WSC software to the Windows machine where you intend to deploy it.

  9. Log in to the Wasabi Console at
  10. In the Wasabi Console menu (left side of the screen), click Access Keys to generate a new pair of access and secret keys, which will be used to connect the WSC software to the storage account. Store the keys in a secure location.

  11. Once the download is complete, begin the installation by running the WSC installer file as Administrator.
  12. Click Next to continue the installation:

  13. Click to accept the terms in the License Agreement. Then, click Next.

  14. You will see a list of video management system (VMS) profiles. Click Milestone - XProtect to install the WSC plugin that integrates directly with Milestone. This step does not add/modify/delete any configuration on your VMS.

  15. The following WSC components are available for installation. If your Milestone XProtect elements are installed on different machines, you will need to install WSC software on the appropriate server and choose the appropriate application shown below.

    Click Install to continue the installation process.

    The installation takes a few minutes.

  16. Click Finish once the installation is successfully completed.

WSC is now installed and ready for you to activate the software.

Activating Your License

WSC installs as a plug-in within the Milestone XProtect application.

  1. Start the Milestone XProtect Management Client software.
  2. Once loaded, notice WSC toward the bottom of the site navigation menu. Click the Administration option.

  3. Ener your WSC account Email address and Account ID (Account ID is found on the Settings page of the Wasabi Console). Then, click OK.

Once the license is successfully activated, you will see the following information: