Next Steps for WCSM Cloud Migration
  • 14 Mar 2023
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Next Steps for WCSM Cloud Migration

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Article Summary

  1. Complete the questionnaire at Or, send an email to with the following information:
    • Storage amount of data to be migrated (in TB)
    • Source Cloud and region
    • Destination region
  2. Once Wasabi receives this completed questionnaire or the information above, our team will review it. If there are no further questions, a Wasabi sales representative will send a migration quote to you for acceptance and your signature.
  3. If you are a paid Wasabi subscriber, you can access WCSM directly via the Console by clicking on the Bucket Replication menu option. Note that you have to be logged in as Root user.
  4. You can now add your third-party Cloud account and Wasabi account credentials.

  5. If you have not already, provide the source and target bucket names to the Wasabi Systems Engineer (SE) so s/he can initiate the migration job.

You can monitor the progress of the job on your WCSM Dashboard, as described in the Product Guide.