Product Guide for Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager
    • 29 May 2024
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    Product Guide for Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager

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    Article summary

    When you sign up for Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager (WCSM), Wasabi will provide you with access to the WCSM Console and the ability to safely add credentials, add bucket information, and view the status of migration jobs. Once bucket information and credentials are entered, the Wasabi migration team will begin migration based on an agreed-upon schedule.

    Migration Process

    The data migration is performed one or more times based on several factors. If the source data does not change over time (in other words, static), the migration is typically run once. However, under certain circumstances (such as with transient network errors or if the source data store is live), the migration may have to be repeated. When the source data store is live, a cutover schedule should be agreed upon. During the cutover, the source data store must be locked (that is, there is downtime) for Wasabi to run a final incremental migration.

    Migration Types

    The WCSM platform supports three types of migrations:

    • Copy is the most common migration type and it simply copies data from the source to the target bucket.
    • Sync is similar to Copy with the difference that files in the target bucket that are not present in source will be deleted (from the target bucket).
    • Move will delete the files from the source bucket once they are migrated.