• 06 Jun 2024
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    Full-Color_Magnifier-60Wasabi product releases include multiple new features and enhancements.

    Current updates are described below.
    Previously published updates are listed by month in WHAT'S NEW in the navigation column (at left).

    February 2024

    What's New in Wasabi Management Console?

    Console Dashboard Upgrades

    The Wasabi Management Console dashboard now offers even more.

    This info-valuable area is enhanced to show historical active utilization data, cost comparisons, and a storage metrics bar with daily active and deleted storage values, a total object count, and your total number of buckets. (Note that you may note that the information you see is dependent on your configuration.)

    The active storage utilization panel (available to all customers) is a historical usage chart that shows your active storage use over the last 30 days. 

    A cost comparison panel ("Why Wasabi?) shows an accurate Wasabi price. This panel is available only to Pay-Go customers.

    Multi-User Authentication (MUA) for Bucket Deletion

    MUA, which was available for account deletion, is now also available for bucket deletion.

    MUA for bucket deletion enables you to lock your buckets from "bad actors." You can add a second security contact activity to your existing security contacts OR create new security contacts dedicated to preventing unwanted bucket deletions. 

    Once you enable one or more security contacts with the MUA bucket deletion activity, bucket deletion becomes impossible for people who should not delete the bucket. This is enforced in the S3 API as well.

    No one on the account, not even the Root user, can force the deletion of a bucket if a security contact is protecting against bucket deletion. When a bucket is pending deletion, it is clearly marked as such.

    Multi-User Authentication (MUA) Security Contact Enhancements

    Wasabi is focused on keeping your data safe. So, in addition to bucket deletion, general improvements were made to the security contact feature. 

    Security contacts now must sign off on their removal as a contact. In this way, a person ("bad actor") who manages to access your account AND your MFA cannot delete your buckets or your account.

    In addition to this feature, the security contact approval timeframe is now only 15 minutes. After that, the action expires.

    Bucket Details Bar

    The bucket details bar gives you a snapshot of your bucket settings: the date and time of bucket creation, compliance status, and current size.

    Sub-Account Public Access Inheritance

    In the past, you had to turn on Public Access one by one for each sub-account independent of their control account. Now, Public Access status flows down to the sub-account from the control account.

    What's Next