• 04 Aug 2022
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Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Storage

Linear Tape-Open (LTO)-based storage has long been the economic favorite for data backup and long-term archiving. LTO storage is essentially high capacity/high performance tape storage. Much of the world’s backup data resides in these portable, remotely stored tape drives, always at the ready in case disaster should strike.

Take a Fresh Look at Your Backup & Archiving Strategies

As digital transformation initiatives proliferate, data volumes continue to soar, and modern retrieval methods need to grow more dynamic to accommodate them. Many companies are already looking to add another layer of data protection to their backup and archiving infrastructure.

Fortunately, this technology generation has introduced unprecedented advantages to using the cloud as a storage medium, with the added benefit that all cloud-stored data is immediately retrievable. Additionally, Wasabi provides data transfer and migration solutions for organizations looking to move all or part of their LTO library to cloud-based storage. Testing Wasabi’s storage solutions for a subset of your data needs will set you on a path to a more affordable future in which your data is always readily accessible.

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Load Balancing

In the world of cloud computing, load balancing is the practice of splitting up workloads and computing properties. By doing this, load balancing allows companies to manage their application or workload demands in a more efficient manner since workloads are now distributed across a variety of computers, servers, and networks.

Discover Infinitely Scalable Load Balancing Solutions

Load balancing helps maintain the availability of cloud-based applications for the end users, making it an essential part of cloud environment management. Furthermore, by preventing massive workloads from overwhelming servers, load balancing is very closely tied to a cloud’s ability to scale.

Scalability is a common concern for organizations wishing to store large amounts of data in the cloud, as many companies – especially larger or rapidly growing ones – find their day-to-day storage requirements changing. Regardless of whether that change is gradual or rapid, Wasabi’s cloud storage solutions provide an instant, infinitely scalable solution for businesses of all sizes. In addition, Wasabi can help eliminate storage equipment expenses by enabling pay-as-you-grow scalability designed to keep up with even the most demanding load balancing requirements.

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