Object Locking
  • 02 Feb 2023
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Object Locking

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Article Summary

Object locking can help prevent objects from being deleted or overwritten for a fixed amount of time or indefinitely. Versioning must be enabled on a bucket before locking can be enabled. Both steps are described below.

Object locking can be enabled only while creating the bucket. Once enabled, object locking cannot be disabled.

Enabling Object Locking

  1. Toggle Bucket Versioning on the Create Bucket window.
  2. Toggle Enable Object Locking.

  3. Click NEXT. The following is displayed.

  4. Click CREATE BUCKET to create a bucket with object locking enabled.
Versioning must not be disabled on a bucket for which object locking is enabled. The following alert will display if you try to disable versioning.

Setting Object Locking Defaults

When Object Locking is enabled for a bucket, the OBJECT LOCKING tab will be displayed on the settings page for the bucket.

  1. To see the modes, toggle to enable Bucket-Level Object Retention. By default, Governance Mode is enabled.

  2. Configure the Retention Time (Number of Days and Time Scale).
  3. Click APPLY.
    When you update the retention time, it will apply to newly uploaded objects and not for existing objects.
  4. Type CONFIRM and then click the CONFIRM button to save selected mode settings.

If you attempt to rename an object that has an active retention, this alert is displayed: “Failed to rename.”

To disable the bucket level object lock settings, toggle off the Bucket-Level Object Retention option and click APPLY.

Viewing Object Lock Information for an Object

  1. Click on the bucket.
  2. Click the Bucket Versioning icon.
  3. Click on any object.

    If object locking is configured on either the bucket or object:

    The “Mode,” “Retain Until” date, and “Legal Hold” status are displayed.

    If you want to modify the “Mode” and/or “Retain Until” date, click Edit (to the right of Object Locking). After making your change, click APPLY to save the Object Locking changes.

    If object locking was not previously configured on the object:

    You can click Enable (to the right of Object Locking) to set the “Mode” and “Retain Until” date for the object.

  4. You can toggle the Legal Hold on or off for the object. When you toggle the Legal Hold, an alert will appear:

  5. Click CONFIRM to apply the Legal Hold status change.