• 04 Aug 2022
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Pay As You Go (PayGo)

This is Wasabi’s public cloud object storage offered via Wasabi’s PayGo pricing model. With the PayGo pricing model, after a 1 TB monthly minimum, the customer pays only for the storage used without a fixed length subscription term (the customer can cancel the Wasabi account at any time). See also Reserved Capacity Storage (RCS).

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A petabyte is a multiple of a byte, which is the unit of storage size for digital information. Since peta indicates multiplication by the fifth power of 1,000, a petabyte is equal to one quadrillion (1,000,000,000,000,000) bytes, 1,000,000 GBs, or 1,000 TBs.

A Cost-Effective Solution for Petabyte-Level Storage

For many of today’s leading organizations, the ability to collect and analyze vast amounts of data is essential. While there have been huge strides made in the technologies and devices used to generate all this data, there have been more limited advancements in how these organizations can store all that data. Needless to say, this is a cause for concern for these organizations relying on such massive amounts of data – but there are solutions.

While on-premises disk- and tape-based storage vendors are providing some notable advancements, their capabilities are dramatically lacking when it comes to providing the true capacity needed for petabytes of storage or beyond. Meanwhile, popular cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform try to solve the issue, but at an extremely high cost and through multiple tiers of storage. Fortunately, Wasabi’s hot cloud storage is 80% cheaper than these competitors while remaining faster, providing a much-needed breakthrough for those companies seeking a cost-effective solution for storing petabytes of invaluable data.

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Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

PaaS is a category of cloud computing services that provides an on-demand environment, or platform, in which IT professionals and software developers can manage software applications. PaaS is designed to make it easier for developers to quickly create apps without having to worry about configuring the underlying infrastructure needed for development.

Storing Your PaaS Data with Wasabi

Wasabi hot cloud storage is perfect for multi-cloud compute environments. Wasabi works with applications running in popular clouds like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform. You can run your applications on the compute clouds that best meet your specific price and functional requirements, and store your valuable business data on the industry’s most affordable and fastest-performing storage cloud.

Wasabi offers direct, high-speed connectivity to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and other popular IaaS and PaaS platforms through partnerships with leading colocation, carrier hotel and exchange providers like Equinix, Flexential, Limelight Networks and Megaport. These private network connections avoid internet latency, traffic bottlenecks and security risks, providing fast and predictable performance.

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Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS)

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See Cloud Portability and Data Portability.

Private Cloud

In cloud storage, a private cloud is a cloud implementation dedicated to (and often managed by) a single tenant. Private clouds are typically operated internally by corporate staff and used by line-of-business customers to build or run various applications, but cloud storage vendors also offer private cloud options through servers dedicated to individual clients.

Wasabi for Private Cloud Environments

Whether they’re on-site or off-site, if a server is dedicated to only one tenant, then it’s a part of the private cloud. As a result, that server’s owner (or group of owners) is personally responsible for its upkeep and management.

Organizations with special computing needs and larger-sized companies often keep their data in a private data center for added security. Additionally, organizations in some industries – such as the government or medical fields – are required by law to use a private cloud.

No matter why your company needs access to a private cloud, Wasabi has the solution. Avoid private cloud lock-in with our private network connectivity to other leading platforms, or connect your private cloud directly to Wasabi – all at a fraction of the cost of leading competitors.

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See Cloud Provisioning.

Public Cloud

Unlike the private cloud, public cloud hosting solutions mean that organizations aren’t personally responsible for the regular management of their own data. That’s because company data is stored in an outside provider’s off-site data center, effectively passing the day-to-day maintenance of that data to them.

Public Cloud Environments with Wasabi

The public cloud appeals to certain companies because it can be easily shared between multiple unrelated users. Some organizations also prefer the public cloud over the private cloud because it has a lower IT overhead, unique scalability features, and other benefits. The public cloud is more suited toward those whose needs don’t yet require a dedicated data center but are still looking for flexibility and cost-efficiency.

Regardless of your unique reasons for relying on the public cloud, Wasabi’s incredibly flexible connectivity options and extensive industry partnerships let you utilize your public cloud resources to satisfy a wide range of application requirements, all while accelerating performance and improving uptime.

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