Supported Cases
  • 30 May 2023
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Supported Cases

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Article Summary

Supported Use Cases of WCSM

WCSM can be used to perform the following types of data transfers:

  • Wasabi to Wasabi bucket continuous replication
  • Wasabi to Wasabi one time seed data replication
  • Migration of data between Wasabi regions or from other clouds to Wasabi

Cases Not Suitable for Bucket Replication via WCSM

The following use-cases/requirements are not a good fit for bucket replication via WCSM; however, we are looking to support them in the near future.

Replicating data between buckets in different continents

WCSM can replicate data between any regions within the same continent. For example, you can replicate data between any of the four US regions and Toronto, Canada. Similarly, you can replicate data between the four regions in Europe, but NOT from a US region to a European region. We also support bucket replication between Tokyo and Osaka in our APAC regions list.

Veeam data replication to an Object Lock enabled bucket

WCSM can replicate any type of data whether it is from a standard bucket or Object Locked bucket. However, the Veeam backup application requires the Object Lock settings to be applied and corresponding data to be uploaded through the Veeam application. Hence, it is not currently recommended to use WCSM to replicate Veeam data to an Object Lock bucket.

You can replicate Veeam data to a standard bucket without any incompatibilities.  

Replicating Rubrik backup data

The Rubrik application requires all data towards the cloud to be uploaded via the Rubrik backup application. Hence, we do not recommend using WCSM for replicating Rubrik backup data.

Replicating version-id

WCSM can replicate the latest version of an object to a bucket (with versioning enabled). However, the version IDs on the replica bucket will be unique, and will not match the source bucket version IDs.