• 04 Aug 2022
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Tape-to-Cloud Storage

Historically, data backup and recovery options were once limited to physical, legacy tapes containing essential information. For many years, storing backup tapes at an offsite location was the only viable solution for the long-term storage of essential data. Tape-to-cloud storage refers to the process of migrating data from tape-based storage to cloud-based storage environments.

Wasabi’s Modern Tape-to-Cloud Solution

Storing physical backup tapes at an offsite location was once the only option many companies used to have, but things have changed. Due to the unprecedented amounts of data being generated on a daily basis, this is no longer a practical solution for organizations seeking a cost-effective way to store immense amounts of essential data on physical media alone.

Wasabi’s Linear-Tape-Open (LTO) storage expertise provides a modern alternative for organizations looking to extend their LTO to the cloud. With Wasabi’s advanced Cloud 2.0 capabilities, you’ll soon find yourself on a path toward a more affordable future in which your essential company data is always readily accessible, no matter how big your storage demands become.

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Tiered Storage System

In a tiered storage system, each storage tier is intended for specific types of data and has distinct performance characteristics, SLAs and pricing plans (with complex fee structures). Usually, tiered storage systems are optimized for three different classes of data: active data, active archive, and inactive archive.

How is Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage better than a tiered storage system?

At Wasabi, we believe cloud storage should be simple. Unlike legacy cloud storage services with confusing storage tiers and convoluted pricing schemes, we provide a single, high-performing product—with predictable, affordable and straightforward pricing—that satisfies any cloud storage requirement. You can use Wasabi for any data storage class: active data, active archive and inactive archive.

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