• 04 Aug 2022
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Vendor Lock-In

See Cloud Lock-In.

Vertical Cloud

Vertical cloud is a set of cloud computing solutions that are made to be used in a particular business model or sector. Organizations with niche IT requirements can benefit greatly from a vertical cloud approach. Factors that could facilitate the need for vertical cloud include security, compliance, and storage among others.

Wasabi’s Vertical Cloud Portfolio

Not all data is created equal, and each piece has the potential to reshape and transform your business. With Wasabi you can choose a cloud strategy that is the right fit for your business.

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Virtualization is the process of creating multiple simulated environments or dedicated resources from a single, physical hardware system. While virtualization is the technology that creates these simulated environments, the cloud is the environment.

What Does Virtualization Have to Do With Cloud Technology?

Once virtual resources are collected into centralized pools, an added layer of management software gives control over the infrastructure that will eventually be used for the cloud. Automation is implemented to reduce the need for repetitive human labor, providing the cloud with its self-service component based on repeatable instructions and processes.

Thanks to exciting advancements in modern cloud computing technologies, leading cloud service providers like Wasabi can also deliver the added benefits of self-service access, automated infrastructure scaling, and many other unique solutions that allow organizations of all sizes to access virtualized storage data with ease.

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