WACM Connect API
  • 02 Feb 2023
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WACM Connect API

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Article Summary

WACM Connect API is a set of RESTful JSON methods that allow WACM users to query against customer utilization, bucket, and invoice data.

Why WACM Connect API?

At a high level, the WACM Connect allows for the following functions:

  • Query utilization of sub-accounts at the account level and bucket level
  • Query invoices of sub-accounts
  • Query current utilization of control accounts
  • Filter the responses with a wide range of parameters

Authentication and Security

For security reasons, the WACM Connect caller must use HTTPS.

Authentication of WACM Connect calls will be with Basic Auth in the Authorization HTTP header. The caller must use the base64 of the username:apikey. The Username is the WACM Username and API Key is the key generated in the WACM User Profile.

All methods will return a HTTP status code of 200 on success and a non-200 value for failure. For failures, a failure description will be returned in the JSON response.

The URL of the Production API is https://api.wacm.wasabisys.com. Note that this link is used when requesting data; there is no application or page to access.

Rate Limiting

For security and performance reasons, the Wasabi Connect will rate limit the number of requests on a per API Key basis against the API methods listed below. These limits are currently:

  • 5 GET operations/ second

Any call rates that exceed these limits will be responded with a standard “HTTP 429 Too Many Requests” response.