WCSM Product Guide
    • 06 Mar 2024
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    WCSM Product Guide

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    Article Summary

    Why WCSM?

    With Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager (WCSM) is a set of data services that provide data migration from any S3-compliant storage to the Wasabi cloud.

    WCSM has an intuitive administrative interface featuring customizable dashboards and built-in pricing analytics. This makes it easy to estimate costs, configure storage parameters, and move data to optimize cost, performance, and protection.

    Supported Use Cases of WCSM

    WCSM can be used to migrate data between Wasabi regions or from other clouds to Wasabi.

    See also Cases Not Suitable for WCSM.


    You do not need to install new software in your environment. You just need an Internet browser and Internet connection to access the WCSM service.

    Cost Associated with WCSM

    The cloud-to-cloud migration service has migration charges associated with it. The majority of these charges are rendered to the cloud vendor where the data currently resides, as part of their egress fees. However, due to the way WCSM is architected, the customer will not incur any egress fees directly from the hyperscaler. The migration charges from Wasabi are also typically much lower than the egress fees hyperscalers charge customers.