WACM Control and Channel Accounts Guide
    • 06 Mar 2024
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    WACM Control and Channel Accounts Guide

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    Article Summary

    "In the Past" and Now With WACM

    How was all of this done before WACM?
    PREVIOUSLY, resellers, distributors, and other customers had two ways to separate accounts:

    • Bucket Separation — While it is technically possible to use a single bucket for each customer, this method is not recommended. Complex access control policies are required to ensure that Customer 1 can access only their bucket data and not the bucket data of Customer 2.
    • Account Separation — While it is technically possible to use a separate account for each customer, this method is not recommended. This method demands that proper access has been shared with the end customer, and there is no way to centrally manage accounts. The assigned Wasabi representative also must be notified each time an account is created so that discounts can be issued appropriately.

    NOW, there are two new, highly effective ways to provision, manage, and monitor accounts:

    • Wasabi Account Control API— With this method, the partner builds application logic in their customer portal, which allows them to provision and monitor the usage of Wasabi accounts via Wasabi’s REST-based Account Control API. Using the Wasabi Account Control API, the partner establishes a control account with Wasabi. The partner then uses this control account to provision Wasabi sub-accounts that are associated with end users.

      Control Account — The partner account that oversees sub-account activity and contains user accounts.
      Sub-Account — The individually provisioned Wasabi storage account. This account has access to the Wasabi Console but does not have access to WACM. 

    • Wasabi Account Control Manager — This method, which is the easiest and most straightforward, involves the use of the Wasabi-hosted platform to set up and manage Wasabi sub-accounts.

    Hierarchy Diagrams

    The following is a hierarchy diagram of a control account, showing the relationship between different types of users (Admin, Viewer, and Staff) and sub-accounts.


    Sample Use Case



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