Billing Preferences
  • 22 May 2023
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Billing Preferences

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Article Summary

If You Are a Trial Customer...

You cannot change anything on the BILLING PREFERENCES tab.

If You Have a Paid Account...

You can specify billing preferences on the BILLING PREFERENCES tab to:

  • Set the day of the month for invoicing
  • Customize your invoices

Setting the Invoice Day of the Month

By default, Wasabi uses a 30-day billing cycle that begins when you become a paid customer. In other words, once you become a paid customer, you will receive an invoice every 30 days. This also means that the start date of your billing cycle may not always be the same day every month because not every month has 30 days.

You can control the start date of the Wasabi billing cycle by choosing a day of the month on which you would like your regular invoicing to occur. You cannot choose a day that produces an invoice that is fewer than 5 days. If you set a day that causes your upcoming invoice period to be longer than 31 days, you will receive an intermediate invoice before your chosen day. However, after that intermediate invoice occurs, your choice of day of the month will be honored.

If you change from the default 30-day cycle to a specific day every month, you will not always be charged the same amount every month for months that have more or less days than 30. Rather than a fixed amount, you will be charged a little less for February and a little more for months that have 31 days.

To set the invoice day of the month: 

  1. Click the "day of the month" box to display a drop-down of options (such as 12th of Month).

Customizing the Invoice

You can customize the invoice to indicate how you want to describe the billing information that is sent to you.

  1. Enter a VAT number (up to 25 characters), if applicable.

    Wasabi will validate that VAT number to prevent future charges for VAT. Once the VAT ID is entered and validated, Wasabi will no longer charge for VAT in the monthly invoice. Wasabi uses VAT validation services that are provided by EU member states. These services can be unreliable and very sensitive to formatting of the VAT ID. If you are not be able to validate your VAT ID, try again in a few hours in case the EU member state services are off-line. Even if the validation of the VAT ID fails, you will still see what you entered into the field. It will not be considered as tax-exempt until Wasabi can complete the verification.

    Netherlands customers will still have to pay VAT tax.

  2. Optionally, enter notes.
  3. Click SAVE CHANGES.