Root User Password Settings: Defining
    • 03 Nov 2023
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    Root User Password Settings: Defining

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    Defining the Root User Password Settings

    You can define settings for the Root user account password. The settings applied in the following instructions will go into effect the next time you change your password.

    1. Click Settings on the Wasabi menu. Or, open the account sign-in drop-down and click Settings.
    2. Open the Root User Password Settings drop-down.

    3. The following is an overview of the settings you can apply for the Root user password.

      Minimum Password LengthEnter the minimum number of characters the user must enter for the password. This value must be between 8 and 128.
      Auto-expire password after days (default 0=never)Enter the number of days after which the password will expire.
      Prevent password reuseEnter the number of times the password can be reused.
      Number of failed login attempts before user lockout (default 5)Enter the number of times a user can fail to enter the correct password before being locked out of the login.
      Number of minutes to lockout root user (default 5)Enter the number of minutes that a user will be locked out after login attempt failures.
    4. To prohibit the password from consisting of a single dictionary word or combination of names, slide the Prohibit passwords...option to the right.

      When the setting is enabled, the slide option is blue:
      When the setting is disabled, the slide option is gray:

    5. After changing password settings, click Apply Root User Password Settings.