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    • 03 Nov 2023
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    Delete Account

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    Deleting an Account

    You can delete the account only if it you are a trial user or the root user of a paid subscription.

    Delete an account with caution because deleting an account affects you and any sub-users under your root account. This action permanently deletes your account, any sub-users associated with your root account, and all of your objects and buckets.
    If you are a Wasabi partner and you want to delete a Control Account, you must first delete all Sub-Accounts (active or suspended) associated with the Control Account.
    You cannot delete an account that has buckets with the object lock feature enabled. To delete the account, you must first delete those buckets.
    If you are a paid subscriber and you delete your account, the final charge for your Wasabi service usage will be applied within 24 hours. For example, if you delete your account one (1) day into a 30-day Wasabi billing cycle, you will be charged only for one day of usage. If the amount of Wasabi usage is less than $.50, no charge will be applied.
    When you delete your account, Wasabi will not charge you for any future charges, such as the charges associated with our 90-day minimum storage policy. If you are a paid subscriber and you delete your account, you will be charged a pro-rated portion of the 1 TB monthly minimum. For example, if you delete 15 days into the billing cycle, you will be charged for 50% of the usage for that month.

    To delete an account:

    1. Click Settings on the Wasabi menu. Or, open the account sign-in drop-down and click Settings.
    2. Scroll down toward the bottom of the Settings panel, where you will see:

    3. Click the red Delete Account button.
    4. A panel will request information to confirm the account deletion:

    5. Enter your numeric 12-digit account ID. For example:

      You can clickto copy this number to the clipboard and then paste it to the Delete Account panel.

    6. Enter your account password and select the reason for deleting the account.
    7. Optionally, you can enter an additional comment.
    8. Optionally, check the option to discontinue Wasabi emails.
    9. WITH CAUTION, click Delete Account. The account is deleted and the Wasabi Sign In panel is displayed.
    You will see this message if you attempt to delete a Control Account that has associated Sub-Accounts (active or suspended).
    Delete the Sub-Accounts and repeat the instructions above. Or, contact Wasabi Support.

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