Getting Started
    • 01 May 2024
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    Getting Started

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    Article Summary

    Why Wasabi Object Storage?

    Wasabi is designed for individuals and organizations that require a high-performance, reliable, and secure data storage infrastructure at minimal cost.

    Wasabi stores data as objects in a bucket. An object consists of a file and, optionally, any permissions and metadata that describes the file. A bucket is a storage container into which you upload your files. You can have one or more buckets and, for each, you can:

    • Control access to it (who can create, delete, and list objects in the bucket)
    • View access logs for the bucket and the objects it stores

    Your user interface to Wasabi Cloud Storage is called the Wasabi Management Console or, simply, Wasabi Console.

    Wasabi's Free Trial Account

    What can you do (and not do) as a Wasabi trial user?

    When you sign up for a free trial, you have full feature access to the Wasabi service. We do not typically throttle the traffic associated with trial users, but we reserve the right to do so as part of fair usage policies.

    Wasabi's free trial program provides access to all Wasabi features.
    However, a trial user cannot make files or buckets public. This limitation was set to prevent new users from inadvertently allowing public access to the files or buckets. If this functionality is required for your trial testing, please contact a Wasabi Customer Support representative ( who will review your use case and potentially adjust your trial account.

    You will not be charged for any type of usage during your time as a trial user. Once you submit a credit card to become a Wasabi subscriber, usage charges begin. 

    Common Use Scenarios, Features, and Pricing

    The Wasabi website lists many of the ways you can use Wasabi. Go to the Products tab on the Wasabi website for FAQs and information on Wasabi features and pricing.

    While Wasabi can be used to access files over the public internet, it is important to consider Wasabi's reasonable use egress policy as noted in our Pricing FAQs. The reasonable use egress policy indicates that if your monthly downloads (egress) are greater than your active storage volume, your storage use case is not a good fit for Wasabi’s free egress policy. In this case, and we reserve the right to limit or suspend your service.

    Objectives for Getting Started

    Getting Started with Wasabi Cloud Storage provides a quick overview of basic Wasabi features with step-by-step procedures for new and prospective users. It describes how to sign up to use Wasabi, sign into Wasabi, create a bucket, store objects (folders and files) in the bucket, create a user account, and add an access key to the user account. Objectives for Getting Started are:

    Sign up for Wasabi and sign in.
    Work with buckets and objects.
    Create a user account and access key.

    Accessing Online Help

    While using the Wasabi Console, you can access Wasabi Academy user documentation by clickingon a panel.

    Or, at any time, click Support at the bottom of the Wasabi menu to go to the Wasabi Academy Home page.

    Ready to use Wasabi?

    Sign up for Wasabi and sign in. Click to continue.
    Work with buckets and objects.
    Create a user account and access key.