Public Access Override
    • 31 Oct 2023
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    Public Access Override

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    Article Summary

    Public access makes a bucket available to any Internet user. This includes the ability to read objects from the bucket. Make sure there is no sensitive data in a bucket that you make public.
    By default, public use of a bucket, folder, or file is allowed only by certain paid (not trial) accounts. If your account does not have access to this feature, contact Wasabi Support at for assistance.

    Enabling/Disabling Public Access

    1. To indicate that the bucket should have public access, clickfor the desired bucket on the Buckets list.
    2. Click Settings.
    3. On the Properties panel, open the Public Access Override drop-down.

    4. Slide to Enable Public Access. This overrides policies related to permissions on the bucket and can give anyone on the Internet read access to it. Turn off the override if you want to return the bucket public access status to its default state.
    5. A message reminds you that public access to your bucket is available and anyone on the Internet will have access to read objects from the bucket.

      Click OK to continue. (You can select the Disable Public Access option to reverse this action).

    When public access is enabled, Enabled is shown for the bucket in the Public Access column on the Object Storage panel. Default is the status before the public access is changed. If you enable and then disable public access, the status changes to Disabled.

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