WSC: Wasabi Surveillance Cloud
  • 03 Aug 2023
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WSC: Wasabi Surveillance Cloud

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Article Summary

Wasabi Surveillance Cloud (WSC) is a bundle that includes the WSC software application and Wasabi object storage subscription.

How Does WSC Work?

WSC integrates with a designated video management system (VMS), automating the assignment of video data to the source or target tier. Based on user-defined policies, WSC addresses various workflow challenges, including alignment of data with storage costs, transparent data migration and disaster recovery, extending primary video surveillance storage, and Wasabi cloud object storage.

End-user customers install the WSC software on a local Windows Recording Server or PC to pair a source (locally mounted NTFS volume or an NFS/SMB network share) with a target storage bucket in the Wasabi cloud. 

VMS Vendors Supported by WSC

VMS vendors currently supported by WSC are:

ManufacturerVMS Product(s)
AvigilonControl Center
AxisCamera Station
DigifortDGF (all versions)
Digital WatchdogSpectrum
exacqVision (all versions)
HanwhaWisenet WAVE
ipConfigureOrchid (Core & Vision)
Milestone XProtectXProtect
Network OpticsNx Witness
PanasonicVideo Insight
QognifyVisionHub, Cayuga, Ocularis, NiceVision
Safety VisionForesight Pro, DVMS PRO, PrimaView
SalientComplete View
SiemensSiveillance Video