• 05 Dec 2023
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    Article Summary

    Reviewing Your Profile Settings

    Click Settings on the Wasabi menu.

    Or, open the account sign-indrop-down and click Settings.


    A panel such as the following is displayed:

    The panel shows Root User information:

    • Arn—The Amazon Resource Name for the account. An ARN uniquely identifies Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is required to specify a resource definitively across all of AWS (such as in IAM policies, Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) tags, and API calls). The follow are the general formats for ARNs:
    • Account ID—The account identification number assigned by Wasabi.
    • Account Name—The name of the account (used to sign in).
    • User ID—A unique user identification.

    You can clickto copy the Arn, Account ID, Account Name, or User ID to the clipboard. The panel also includes tools, as described in the following articles.

    Setting options and widgets (blocks of information and links) are listed under the Root User information. Each of these features is described in the following articles.

    What's Next