4—Creating a Sub-Account
    • 07 Dec 2023
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    4—Creating a Sub-Account

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    Minimum active storage charges apply to sub-accounts. All converted (non-trial) Pay-Go sub-accounts are subject to minimum active storage charges. Learn more here. Converted (non-trial) sub-accounts that fall under RCS (reserved capacity storage) are not subject to minimum active storage charges.

    Creating a Sub-Account in the Trial Phase

    With WACM, you can automate cloud storage account creation, management, and end-user billing using a centralized management interface. You will need:

    • Wasabi control account — Review Method 1 in the Optimal Methods to Manage Wasabi Accounts to understand the requirements for a Wasabi control account.
    • User account This is an account that was created in WACM with a role of Admin or Staff.
    A sub-account will automatically convert to a paid account at the end of the trial period.

    To create a sub-account in a trial phase:

    1. Click the Sub-Account tab.


    2. Click Create Sub-Account.

    3. Complete the top portion of the Create Sub-Account panel: Name, Email, Wasabi console password, and confirmed Wasabi console password.

    4. Select the On Trial option. Select a trial Quota and the trial duration (Number of Trial Days), which are 30 days and 1TB, by default.

      When the trial duration expires, the trial account is automatically converted into a paid account.
    5. Optionally, set the following:
      • Send Password Reset To Sub Account Email — Wasabi will send a password reset email to the sub-account.
      • Password Reset Required — WACM will require the sub-account to perform a password reset upon the first login.
      • Enable FTP Access — Wasabi will enable FTP access to the sub-account.
    6. Click Create.
    7. Once the sub-account is created, a panel confirms the creation with S3 access and secret keys. To download the keys as a text file, click Download Keys. Or, click Copy Keys to the copy keys to the clipboard.


    WACM displays the information for the new sub-account on the Sub-Accounts page. For example:

    Notice the Status of the sub-account:

    Repeat the steps above to create additional sub-accounts.

    Converting a Sub-Account to a Paying Customer

    You can convert a sub-account to a paying customer if you are logged into WACM as an Admin or Staff user.

    A sub-account will automatically convert to a paid account at the end of the trial period.
    1. On the Sub-Accounts page, click on the sub-account that should be changed from a trial to a paid account.

    2. Information for the sub-account is displayed with several tabs. Click on the Account tab:

    3. Scroll to the bottom of the sub-account page until you see the Trial Information section. Click Convert to Paid.

    4. A message will request that you confirm the conversion. Click Convert.

    Once the conversion completes successfully, the customer will start accruing charges for the storage and all trial specifications to the sub-account will be removed.

    Notice the Status of the sub-account: