3—Creating a User
  • 02 Feb 2023
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3—Creating a User

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Article Summary

Understanding User Roles

The WACM platform allows you to create three types of User Profiles with distinct roles:

  • Control Account Admin — The Admin role allows all actions within the platform. This role is ideal for the administrative user who manages the entire Wasabi cloud storage implementation, including Wasabi storage and WACM.
  • Control Account Staff — The Staff role allows all actions within the platform except creating new users. This role is ideal for an employee within the admin staff.
  • Control Account Viewer — A Viewer is a read-only privileged user. No information is hidden to a user with viewer privilege. This role is ideal for the finance or billing department who require access to utilization data, invoice data, etc.
When you log on to WACM for the first time, you take the role of a Control Account Admin. This first Admin will receive all alert email notifications for the account.

Reviewing Account and User Profiles

Notice that there are two additional tabs toward the top of your profile page:


Each user that you create has a profile. Sub-accounts that you create also have a profile, which is described later. All WACM platform users (Admins, Staff, and Viewers) have access to user profiles to personalize the user account. To get started, let's create a new user.

Creating a New User

  1. In your profile, click the Users tab.


  2. Click Create.


  3. Provide the following information and click Create.
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email address
    • Username
    • Role for the user (select from the drop-down list)
  4. The new user who was added to the system (such as Joe Jones in the example above) will receive a Welcome email from Wasabi. The new user should click the link provided in the email to activate the account.


WACM displays the information for the new user on the Users page. For example:


Repeat the steps above to create additional users.