Custom Cloud Console (CCC) Getting Started
    • 06 Oct 2023
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    Custom Cloud Console (CCC) Getting Started

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    Custom Cloud Console (CCC) is used by sub-accounts to access and manage Wasabi Storage with your brand front and center.

    CCC customization is handled by the Wasabi Product Team. During onboarding, you will provide logos and specify the colors you want to use for your CCC. These colors can be modified by contacting

    How can customers use your Custom Cloud Console?

    • The customers that use the CCC are the sub-accounts you create in the Wasabi Account Control Manager.
    • Members created under a sub-account are the users of your CCC.
    • A member for each sub-account is created by the Control Account in WACM.
    • You will provide customers with your CCC URL and login information.


    • Wasabi Account Control Manager (WACM)
    • Custom Cloud Console (CCC)

    You do not need your own domain to use CCC. All Custom Cloud Consoles come with a unique subdomain of (for example, If you want your CCC to be used with your company domain, contact or work with the Wasabi Product Team during onboarding. 

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