1—Accessing and Navigating WACM
  • 02 Feb 2023
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1—Accessing and Navigating WACM

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Article Summary

Accessing WACM

  1. WACM is a cloud-hosted platform that requires no on premises software. Access WACM by mobile or desktop at:
  2. When your Admin account is provisioned following the Wasabi setup process, you should receive an email to verify your email. Click Verify your email address.


    If your verification email expires after 24 hours, click Verify for an option to resend the email. Once the email is resent, you will be able to verify your email successfully.
  3. You will be prompted to set your password.


  4. Once verification is complete, enter your login credentials to access your account and begin using WACM.


Navigating WACM is straightforward using two tabs in the left side of the menu banner: Sub-Accounts and Invoices.


Sub-Accounts displays:

  • Up-to-date usage information for each of the Control Account's Sub-Accounts
  • Tools to manage those Sub-Accounts and view their storage consumption in detail

Invoices displays:

  • Invoice data for each Sub-Account based on the invoice period, Control Account invoice number, etc.

In addition, you can access language settings, the Wasabi knowledge base, and your profile using icons in the right side of the menu banner.


Your username (in the upper right corner) opens a drop-down with a log out option as well as access to your profile.