Trial Limit and Expiration
    • 23 Oct 2023
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    Trial Limit and Expiration

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    Trial Data Limit

    What is the trial data limit?

    A Wasabi free trial account has a storage limit of 1 TB.

    The 1 TB storage limit applies to the sum of active and deleted storage. This means that even if you delete some of the active storage to get under 1 TB, you may still be constrained by the "active + deleted" storage limit. If this 1 TB limit impedes your testing of the Wasabi service, contact a Wasabi Customer Support representative:

    What if I become a paid subscriber?

    If a Wasabi user submits a credit card to become a paid subscriber, the trial limit is immediately removed.

    What happens when a trial account hits the 1 TB data limit?

    When the system detects that you have hit the 1 TB storage limit, the resulting behavior depends on how you are using Wasabi.

    If you are using the Wasabi Management Console (user interface), you will no longer be able to load new storage through the Console.

    If you are loading new storage through a third-party storage client that accesses Wasabi via the S3 API, the API will return the appropriate error message to the client. The behavior of the storage application will vary. Some clients will report this error to you (the end user), but some clients will just error out without any details while others will keep trying with the hope that the error will resolve). Contact your storage application vendor for specific information about storage application behavior.

    Trial Expiration

    At Wasabi, we strive to address all of your cloud storage needs.

    • If you experienced a technical problem, please give us the opportunity to address it by contacting a Wasabi Customer Support representative:
    • If you have a sales/pricing-related issue, contact a Wasabi Customer Sales representative:

    What happens to my data if my free trial expires and I don't become a subscriber?

    If you start a free Wasabi trial and decide to not become a paid subscriber after the free trial expires, the following steps occur over time: 

    1. Five (5) days prior to the end of the trial, you will receive an email indicating pending expiration.
    2. On the day the trial ends, you will receive another email indicating expiration. If you do not become a paid subscriber at that time, you will not be allowed to store new files. However, you will be able to access your existing files. 
    3. 30 days after the trial expiration date, you will receive another email indicating the account is suspended and file deletion is pending. You will no longer be able to access your files. However, you will be able to access the Wasabi Management Console to enter credit card information if you want to subscribe.
    4. 90 days after the trial expiration date, you will receive another email indicating your account is inactivated and files will be deleted in 7 days unless we receive notification from you. If we do not hear from you in that 7-day period, the files and your Wasabi trial account will be deleted.

    How do I delete my trial account?

    If you decide you do not want to become a paid Wasabi subscriber and you do not want the emails described above, we recommend you delete your Wasabi trial account using this procedure: Deleting an Account.

    For your account security, we ask that you delete your account (and not ask Wasabi Support to delete your account). If you have forgotten your Wasabi password, you can reset it by following the instructions for Resetting the Account Password.
    Note that once you delete your account, all of the storage in your account is DELETED and cannot be accessed by you or recovered by Wasabi.

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